[wp-hackers] Coding style

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Tue Jul 4 02:58:32 GMT 2006

>Nice example use of PHP syntax being incorrectly applied to Javascript.
You're right.  I overlooked a preceeding "?>"

>A discussion on coding syntax isn't going to be constructive.  Unless 
>someone has a correction to make in the syntax docs, ("You forgot a 
>brace there.") then let's just say that those guidelines that are 
>written reflect what we are already using, and then continue in that 

Before I was asked for examples of source code inconsistencies, I was
saying was that a mention of a capitalization convention would be useful
in the styles document and would help new comers know how to produce
code that is more consistent with the rest of the WP source.  I still
believe that is true.

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