[wp-hackers] Replacing Hooks/Functions

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Mon Jul 3 21:34:30 GMT 2006

Well, yeah -- depends on what he wants.  If he wants to generate 'content on 
the fly', that is then processed as if it came from the db, he wants it 
highest.  If he wants to nuke all other content processing (note, that 
includes WP-core stuff...) then he wants it lowest.


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From: "Rob Miller" <r at robm.me.uk>
| David Chait wrote:
| > the_content grabs the post/page content, then calls 
| > $content).  so if your plugin is the highest priority, you can 'nuke' 
| > 'incoming' content, and replace it with anything.
| >
| You'll probably want it running at the lowest priority, so that your
| output isn't modified by other plugins who think it's actually
| the_content - unless you want that to happen, of course.

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