[wp-hackers] MT import issue -- should I raise an issue in Trac?

Phillip Pearson pp at myelin.co.nz
Tue Jan 31 02:36:50 GMT 2006

Just imported a couple of COREblog blogs (Zope blogging package that 
outputs the MT export format) into WP 2.0.  It mostly went well - way 
easier than with 1.6 - but:

- the second step only seemed to ever import about 20 posts at a time.  
However, it didn't say that this was intentional - just stopped 
outputting after a bunch of "Imported post XXX".  Reloading the page 
would get it to do another 20, until finished.

- when there were no more posts to import, it printed the following 
error before "All done.  Have fun!":

*    Warning*: implode(): Bad arguments. in 
*/var/www/blog/wp-admin/import/mt.php* on line *79

Is this a known issue, or should I raise it in Trac?


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