[wp-hackers] 2.0 trackback issues progress?

Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Sun Jan 29 20:57:06 GMT 2006

_____/ On Sun 29 Jan 2006 12:55:42 GMT, [forsale] wrote : \_____

> On Jan 29, 2006, at 4:16 AM, Podz wrote:
>> forsale at imaginekitty.com wrote:
>>> I've been away and was wondering when the fixes for the trackback issues
>>> were going to be incorporated into the nightly builds.  I'd like to test
>>> for progress and offer further assistance.
>> Trackbacks work :)
>> In RC-1 as announced they didn't if you ran php as cgi but Ryan and Andy
>> got that sorted and my testblog is now sending (I had 4 emails yesterday
>>  asking why a trackback people had made 3 weeks ago suddenly came
>> through). Go try:
>> http://www.tamba2.org.uk/wordpress/TestTrack
>> P.
> Hi Podz,
> I did try and it doesn't work if you try a pingback and a trackback 
> in the same post.  If you do only the pingback comes through.  I 
> tried this with your Test blog with the same results.
> My test blog is also still available for anyone wanting to test.

What is the URL? Will there be access to the Administration Panel?

> How can I identify if my server runs php as cgi?  I think it is just 
> time to find a server that does not do this.

 From the command-line:

$ php
Content-type: text/html
X-Powered-By: PHP/4.3.10

If you have cPanel, more details will show up in the main panel.

_____/ On Sun 29 Jan 2006 13:26:20 GMT, [forsale] added : \_____

> OK, I may have found something.  Multiple pings will work fine but a 
> trackback will only work if it is alone.

An  issue  was raised about a month ago. There was an ambiguity which  in-
volved  URL  delimiters,  which were said to be either  spaces  or  commas
(these  lead  to yet another ambiguity). Which did you try? I can  vividly
recall doing a test with multiple blogs and posting about success with the
lastest nightly (at the time... January-ish).

> Two or more trackbacks in one post causes the first to go out but all 
> others fail.  A trackback and a pingback causes the trackback to 
> fail.  I have not tried multiple pingbacks with a trackback yet but 
> will upon my return.

This sounds as though the URL's are not properly separated.

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