[wp-hackers] Need more RSS hooks

Rob powzor at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 19:47:34 GMT 2006

Danny Ayers wrote:
> Hmm, last time I checked several didn't - Amaya, Lynx, not sure about
> (audio) readers, I doubt whether a good proportion of the mobile
> browsers have XSLT.
> Another question might be what other agent's behaviour is likely to be
> on encountering the XSLT reference.  (I can't remember what the docs
> say on this point, need to read up). It wouldn't exactly be desirable
> for an RSS aggregator to read an RSS feed, transform it into HTML and
> wonder what went wrong...
Amaya is a virtually featureless browser that exists only to pimp W3C 
standards - how many people do you know that use it as a primary 
browser? Regardless, its CSS support is so hideous that it would make a 
lack of XSLT support the least of someone's worries. Aggregators will 
obviously ignore XSLT, since if they do display feed data visually it 
will usually be in a uniform way, either through their own XSLT or 
through other methods.

Seriously, including some pretty XSLT does nothing to affect the 
usability of the feeds; those technologies that don't support it, either 
through incompetence (like Amaya) or deliberately (like aggregators) 
will simply ignore it. It would, however, provide a significant benefit 
to most users, who would rather be confronted by a nice message when 
they click a feed link, not a bunch of XML that makes them think they've 
broken something.

I can't see why compatibility is an issue at all.

Rob Miller
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