[wp-hackers] Incremental backup and restore

Chetan Kunte ckunte at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 03:29:54 GMT 2006

Podz wrote:
> A few points:
> 1. Database Content
> Logs make that explode in size, not users (generally).
> What users need to do is drop all the stats, all the logs and every
> table that is not essential if they are either backing up or moving. (I
> had someone ask me to cron backup their stats log last week....people
> get so retentive about pointless stuff). So the way forward for the vast
> majority of users is to educate them about what is needed to get their
> blog working and to leave the fluff behind.

Yes, that's right. That's why I mentioned it in my first posting:

> My blog with less than a 1000 posts weighs slightly over 0.5MB in a
> gzip format and is over 3MB (bare minimum, without any extra tables
> like stats and other optional stuff). I am worried that sooner or

Education is a good idea. Still better, if that education comes where
the user is doing it--in the backup administration area before he/she
presses go.

> 2. Restoring in one piece
> Doesn't take a lot for that to not happen. Text editor that can handle
> huge files, cut / paste / repeat unless it has been exported as tables.
> But whose fault is it ? phpmyadmin ? mysql ? If those pieces of code are
> widely used then someone somewhere must have a solution - this is not a
> WP exclusive.

> Size just isn't a factor.
> phpmyadmin versions, mysql versions, character sets - all 3 mixed
> together by different hosts is what makes people frustrated.

I am not saying it is WP exclusive nor am I blaming (no way; WP is
excellent as it is already), but is there a chance where it can be
improved futher upon (sort of near future proof), just like the
5-minute install. Seriously, "the 5-minute install" is such a hit. The
minute I tried, I was raving. I still do.
Chetan, ckunte.com

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