[wp-hackers] Need more RSS hooks

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 01:23:35 GMT 2006

On 1/26/06, Chris Meller <chris at doesnthaveone.com> wrote:
> We're also not talking about forcing styles on anyone. If you want to
> ensure that only people who know what they're doing get your RSS feed
> and subscribe to it manually, that's certainly your choice and more
> power to you. For the rest of us who don't mind getting inexperienced
> users hooked on a great technology by evangelizing its use and
> benefits in our feeds (for a whopping 600 bytes of overhead
> apparently) rather than leaving them cold and confused, it would be
> nice if the hooks were at least present in the base software so we
> can do it ourselves (remember, this conversation started by simply
> asking for these hooks to be present so a plugin could be written to
> apply a stylesheet, not by asking that styling be added by default in
> WP -- although I think it should, personally).

And my original email was clearly a reply to the email that suggested
that this be in the core. Like I said before, hooks are fine, but
sticking stuff in the core is unneccessary.

> And before someone hurts me, I think there should be a configuration
> option to turn on and off any native styling WP may decide to apply
> to feeds in the future...

The general methodology in WP for years has been to have as few
options as possible, so even if styling got put in, there's a 1 in 10
chance that an option would be put in.

> > On that note, I'm completely against displaying paid advertisements
> > for any specific aggregator
> Did I miss something? When were we talking about aggregators? :)

Right about...

On 1/26/06, Scott johnson <fuzzygroup at gmail.com> wrote:
> Now if I was to put my commercial hat on I'd point out that shipping XSL
> with Wordpress which put in links to recommended aggregators is a huge $$$
> opportunity.  You don't think that Pluck, a company which raised 8.5 meg in
> venture money, got their link into FeedBurner for free did you?

--Robert Deaton

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