[wp-hackers] Need more RSS hooks

Jeff Minard jeff at jrm.cc
Thu Jan 26 16:23:08 GMT 2006

Austin Matzko wrote:
>>Though I have to say, I REALLY would like this hook.  If for no other
>>reason that future-proofing feeds as well.
>>Does anyone else agree/disagree that this hook idea is beneficial?
> I agree and this is something I've wanted as well.  Output buffering
> is a great sledgehammer solution when no other option is available,
> but a hook would probably be more efficient.

True, but at some point, how many hooks do we end up with? A file full 
of hooks, and nothing else? Could be interesting, if not confusing.

That said, I'm rather surprised that WP feeds *don't* come with some 
styleing anyway. XSL styleing works in all the major browsers and gives 
people a chance to not be scared off by RSS. You can even do advanced 
things like what feedburner does in presenting subscription options and 
an explanation of what the user is looking at.

This, of course, would assume that people could *click* the RSS links 
without getting that horrendous pop up "The link you followed can't be 
identified by the feed:// address structure blah bla bla."

Jeff Minard

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