[wp-hackers] Incremental backup and restore

Chetan Kunte ckunte at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 02:09:36 GMT 2006

Hi all -

My blog with less than a 1000 posts weighs slightly over 0.5MB in a
gzip format and is over 3MB (bare minimum, without any extra tables
like stats and other optional stuff). I am worried that sooner or
later the database is going to be a big fat pig that will refuse to
fly in one piece (backup and restore). On a lowest common denominator
level, this could get a lot worse for a lot of users: dial-up, hosts
that do not offer a command line, etc. As a user myself (with a decent
DSL connection and host) still dread the idea of squashing the db and
uploading afresh from the backup for the fear of not completing the

Are you guys thinking of something that could ease this pain and keep
the pig always in air? :)

In a layman's terms, I was thinking of an idea: how about if the
database can be backed-up and restored incrementally like "per year"
or "per number of posts" in addition to the default option of a full
backup and restore. I seriously think the "per year" or "per number of
posts" concept is a good idea (provided of course the core contents of
a database are not modified in between versions. Do you think I'm
totally off?

As always, a huge WordPress fan.

Chetan, ckunte.com

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