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Rob powzor at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 02:14:50 GMT 2006

Chris Meller wrote:
> Big red letters may be a bit much... I dislike software that inspires 
> panic with things like that which may or may not be a real issue. 
> Still, I think it should be mentioned somewhere. The "Alerts" (or 
> similar) tab on the Dashboard would keep it out of the way for people 
> who are aware there's a problem, yet still allow you to see what's 
> going on.
> You could then include the ability to acknowledge or simply close an 
> alert (anyone used Veritas Backup Exec? I'm thinking along the lines 
> of their alerts here). After you acknowledge a respective error, it 
> never shows back up again, or simply suppresses any visible 
> notification and is confined to the special panel that displays that 
> information exclusively. That way, we could tell people there may be 
> something wrong on the Dashboard and point their attention to the 
> Alerts area so they could investigate before their entire site blows 
> up because their wp-content folder wasn't properly permissioned after 
> a server migration (grrrrr again).
I quite like the way Drupal does this. It's been a while since I used 
it, but IIRC: in the admin screen, there's an error log, with the 
severity of the error clearly indicated (notices in white, warnings with 
a yellow triangle and errors with a red X). A description of the error 
and the time it occurred is given, and the user can filter or clear the 
list as they wish.

So long as the descriptions gave enough information for tech-savvy users 
to fix things themselves, and directed less-tech savvy users to places 
where they could find help, it'd be great.

Rob Miller
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