[wp-hackers] Working on FlatPress

NoWhereMan uncommonnonsense at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 18:23:30 GMT 2006

Hi everybody,

This is NoWhereMan from FlatPress project. We've been working on a flat file 
based blogging engine. Our purpose was migrating from SimplePHPBlog to a 
more solid and extensible environment. We ended with code it on our own.

Home: http://flatpress.sourceforge.net/home/

Well, what has this to do with Wordpress? Well, I thought that one of the 
most known and used and extensible blogging platforms was Wordpress... so I 
started with reading something about its plugin api, and I decided it was 
nice to have it embedded into our codebase... (of course it will be GPL'd 
;) )

So, that's it. :)
I'll soon release something (on cvs) as soon as I understand this cvs stuff, 
I'm new at it :P

Kind Regards,
  -- NoWhereMan

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