[wp-hackers] Re: RSS Decisions

Phil Ringnalda philringnalda at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 22:44:05 GMT 2006

Owen Winkler wrote:
> Nor have you taken up the responsibility for maintaining it.

Oooh, is that all it takes to make this comedy of a thread go away, 
bunging a name into the wiki page o' responsibility? I don't know as 
much about it as Danny, but then that leaves me less busy, too: given 
sufficient assurance that this will go away, and the "rip out RSS 1.0 
support, because someone writing a SemWeb consumer can just publish his 
own feed with a plugin, and he won't care whether or not he can get 
other people's feeds as RDF" bug will be wontfixed, I'd be more than 
happy to claim responsibility for feeds. A couple dozen lines of PHP and 
XML/RDF? I think even I can handle that.

Phil Ringnalda

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