[wp-hackers] Re: RSS Decisions

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Tue Jan 17 22:30:21 GMT 2006

Scott Merrill wrote:
> Danny Ayers wrote:
>> Again, I
>> believe Atom alone could provide usable data for the vast majority of
>> clients. But I see no compelling argument for the arbitrary removal of
>> RSS 1.0 support.
>  From what you've put forward, I still don't see a compelling argument 
> to keep RDF.  Sure, some people use it.  You haven't yet proven that 
> _many_ people use it.

Nor have you taken up the responsibility for maintaining it.  Surely 
someone who knows as much as you about it and cares so deeply for it 
would jump at the chance to improve the robustness of this part of 

If we used either of the suggested methods - the library suggested by 
Alex King, or replacement with a plugin - the functionality you describe 
would become more flexible as people who care about it took on 
responsibility for it.

Right now, it's an albatross - poorly maintained and wouldn't be missed 
by most.  If we perform some of the other revisions that had been 
suggested for future wordpress versions, it would *require* revision, 
and the track record for revisions on that module seems poor enough due 
to apparent lack of interest that it's a shame to leave something in 
that is as low-functional as it is.

Nobody has suggested preventing RSS 1.0 from running from WordPress, 
just it's removal from the core as something that the community is 
forced to support.


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