[wp-hackers] Ditch RDF and RSS 0.92

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Mon Jan 16 03:08:28 GMT 2006

>>> It's a minor point, I guess.  But I think it's safer to omit redirects
>>> for the retired feed URLs and let them fail, than to redirect requests
>>> to RSS2 or Atom that were explicitly for RDF or RSS.

Graeme Lennon wrote:
> What about having 0.92/RDF redirected to RSS2, but if that has happened
> have the feed add a small post first in the feed, notifying users that
> the feed address they have subscribed to is deprecated?

My point is that if a request is made for RDF that doesn't exist and we 
let it 404, that's *good* because it will appear in server logs as a 404 
(with more potential to alert the admin) as opposed to the 200 that a 
redirect to RSS2 would elicit.  And since whatever specifically 
requested RDF likely *needs* RDF, anything but exactly RDF - warning 
post at the top or not - isn't going to parse anyway.

One interesting metric to have would be the number of users/sites that 
*require* RDF to function.

Bloglet, when set to use a feed, only works with WordPress' RDF feed 
even though there is probably some other way I could hook it up.  And 
that's the only thing I know of that must consume RDF and can't consume 

Anyone else have an app that uses RDF exclusively?  Or know how we can 
find out how many people are actually using RDF?


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