[wp-hackers] siteurl option queried from database on every load

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Sun Jan 15 16:58:18 GMT 2006


maybe a bunch of these 'globals' should be managed by WP in a 'globals.php' 
file that is autogenerated when options change (rather than on 
request/expire of cache, and rather than a cached lookup have it be 
potentially optimized by the processor)?  just musing... haven't looked at 
the object-cache core to see if it's designed such that it can get 
pre-processing/optimizing by Zend/et al.


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| The siteurl option is queried individually on every page load:
| Can we move this check to a later point, so that the
| option can be grabbed the the cache with get_option()?  Looks to me
| like an easy way to trim one query from every page load... every
| little bit helps! 

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