[wp-hackers] Ditch RDF and RSS 0.92

Stefano steagl at people.it
Sun Jan 15 16:27:48 GMT 2006

Il Sun, 15 Jan 2006 10:44:22 -0500, Robert Deaton
<false.hopes at gmail.com> scrive:

>On 1/15/06, David House <dmhouse at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 15/01/06, Scott Merrill <skippy at skippy.net> wrote:
>> > A changelog entry saying "RDF and RSS 0.92 formats are no longer
>> > supported" ought to be sufficient for a lot of people.
>> Assuming the writer knows nothing of mod_rewrite, what does he do
>> then? Inconvience all his readers by telling them all to switch?
>Or, if its that big of a problem to that person, they can simply not
>upgrade, you don't /have/ to be running the latest code.

That's not an option that would make WP getting more popular, it's not
a professional tool a compiler or somithing like this. But a piece of
software for people, all people, improvement have to be smooth looking
at standards, but looking at usability and smoothness for basic user
too. Unless we want to make WP a sw for geeks only


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