[wp-hackers] WordPress Responsibilities

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Wed Jan 11 23:35:27 GMT 2006

The first draft of the division of responsibilities in WordPress that 
was discussed at the meetup last week is ready:


Here's how we can do this:

* Discuss things here on wp-hackers
* Edit the page like you would any wiki page but,
* Add any entirely new sections at the bottom

To volunteer create an unordered list after the responsibiltiy you want 
to volunteer for. It should have a short sentence about how much you can 
help out (as a leader, helper, cheerleader), how many hours a week you 
are willing to commit, and of course your username so other people can 
contact you. Here's an example in wikicode:

'''XML-RPC / Atom API''' - Testing for popular XML-RPC clients (Ecto, 
w.bloggar); development of WP's standard posting API support.

* I would like to lead this. I have every XML-RPC program for Mac and 
use them all regularly. I can help out 5-10 hours a week. - Matt 
Mullenweg (matt)

Feel free to signup for something even if someone else has already, the 
more people working together the better. It's also possibly someone 
might flake out and so it's best not to have any responsibilities on 
just one person.

You can volunteer for multiple things.


Matt Mullenweg
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