[wp-hackers] Posting HTML formatted content with XML-RPC

Chris Lott chris.lott at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 18:20:52 GMT 2006

I tried #wordpress and the forums with no luck so far, so I will ask here:

How can I post an HTML formatted post via the XML-RPC interface? If I
post the HTML code it gets converted to entities. If I preconvert
content to entities, it doesn't get converted back (obviously) :) 
I've made this work with a couple of direct db inserts, but XML-RPC
would be much cleaner and not subject to as many changes I would have
to keep up with...

Plain text posts work fine using this code, formatted posts from other
XML-RPC clients work fine.

I am using PHP with the xml-rpc library. Example Code:

$content = "<p><strong>bold Statement</bold></strong>;
$xmlrpcurl = "";

$client = new xmlrpc_client($xmlrpcurl);

$params[] = new xmlrpcval("n/a");
$params[] = new xmlrpcval("n/a");
$params[] = new xmlrpcval("admin");
$params[] = new xmlrpcval("chrislottt");
$params[] = new xmlrpcval(
$params[] = new xmlrpcval("true");

$msg = new xmlrpcmsg("blogger.newPost",$params);

Chris Lott

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