[wp-hackers] Wordpress 2.0 trackback issues

Mark B. mark2005 at imaginekitty.com
Wed Jan 11 00:42:07 GMT 2006

I'm sorry I was mistaken.  That was a failed attempt.  What I did that 
actually worked was link execute-pings.php to the "View site>>" link.  
And then redirected execute-pings.php to the index.php.  That is still 
spotty as mentioned before.

Sorry, I've been mulling over this since Dec 31 with 100% failure on 
the trackbacks without calling execute-pings.php separately (and that's 
still spotty).


On Jan 10, 2006, at 7:00 PM, Andy Skelton wrote:

> On 1/10/06, Mark B. <mark2005 at imaginekitty.com> wrote:
>> I've had minor success by making the posting form action go to
>> execute-pings.php then having execute-pings.php redirect as needed but
>> then it seems to ignore pingbacks and if you have more than one
>> trackback only one gets sent.
> If you mean you're calling execute-pings before publishing, this won't
> work. The post form must be handled first so that the db records are
> there to be found by execute-pings.
> I'm trying to replicate this problem and having very little luck. My
> trackbacks are being sent when I publish.
> Andy
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