[wp-hackers] Plugin port to WP2.0

CK c at kouloumbris.com
Mon Jan 9 06:05:15 GMT 2006


On 8 Jan 2006, at 20:37, Arne Brachhold wrote:

> Hi,
>> I was wondering if I want to use the new AJAX functionality in  
>> the  new wordpress, I am talking about the expandable "advance"  
>> options  like "Optional Excerpt" and "Trackbacks" in my own plugin  
>> what do I  need to add?
> first of all you need to include the Javascript stuff, which isn't  
> available on all pages by default. Maybe it wasn't intended that  
> plugins use this functionality?
> <script type="text/javascript" src="../wp-includes/js/dbx.js"></ 
> script>
> After that you have to create a DBX manager, which handles and  
> saves the state (closed/open) of the parts. The dbxGroup object
> contains all settings and the ID of the container which contains
> the parts.

The reason I want to this info is because my plugin adds some stuff  
in the wordpress write post page, where custom fields is. I don't  
know if this is of any help, or if it changes anything. otherwise  
you've been very helpful and I will try everything you said as soon  
as I still some time. :)

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