[wp-hackers] User Feedback and Testing

Michael E. Hancock mhancock at us.net
Wed Jan 4 20:20:30 GMT 2006

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From: "Owen Winkler" <ringmaster at midnightcircus.com>
> First, we need to discover what the users want WordPress to do, and
> perhaps what users will want WordPress to do in the future.

Isn't the document  http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_1.6 meant to be a
wish list of what users want?

There's been approximately 180 edits to that article since April of 2005
giving that information some credence as to 'what users want.'  Granted,
some of those features made it into 2.0 but seems  a good many of those
ideas are still useful for creating a development plan.

Maybe the article should be renamed to something like "Requested Features"
and users should be encouraged to keep adding to the list.

Michael E. Hancock

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