[wp-hackers] Can we do anything about PAGE SEACRH?

"Choan C. Gálvez" choan.galvez at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 12:42:26 GMT 2006

Ryan Boren escribió:
> On Mon, 2006-01-02 at 07:32 -0500, Elliotte Harold wrote:
>> Peak Discharge wrote:
>>> Yeah, people have been asking for page/comment search functionality 
>>> since before 1.2-ish. Yet the implementations never went any further 
>>> than a buggy plugin.
>> Google search boxes work very nicely.
> site: is all I need, but some people insist on theme integrated search
> results that are all pretty and stuff. :-)

You can use Google API, I do it on my sites. Drawback: it's way too slow.


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