[wp-hackers] Happy New Year and Predictions

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Sun Dec 31 21:49:10 GMT 2006

I just wanted to wish everyone in the WP community a happy new year and 
to thank everyone for being a part of the movement this year. We've had 
some really amazing progress in the software and the growth has been 
hard to believe.

For fun, here's some WP predictions for 2007:

* We'll do 3 major point releases
* People will start Wordcamps around the globe
* WP will become the #1 used tool on the Technorati 100
* Daily spam will be 10x what it is today
* WYSIWYG will no longer annoy savvy writers
* Several new WP-based companies will start
* We'll figure out the whole plugin/theme directory thing

What are yours?

Matt Mullenweg
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