***SPAM*** Re: [wp-hackers] Spam load

Roland Haeder webmaster at mxchange.org
Wed Dec 27 15:45:56 GMT 2006

I watch the Technorati tag "comment spam" here and it's very interesting what 
people are saying about it. :) I drop some hints here and there to help them 
out a little.

Here is the RSS feed for your fav. reader software:

My "defensive wall" here is BB2, SK2 with Akismet-Plugin and my own CPR. :)

SK2 has stopped > 3,000 spam so far and CPR > 1,000 (they currently count the 
same comment spam as their own which is a bug in CPR).

BB2 has just stopped a little about 1,000 in 7 days here. But yes, I got more 
spam than some weeks ago.

My favorite is "lesbian dildo anal"... ;-)


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