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> Hello,
>   Im Sai Krishna.  I was trying to understand the  code flow and   
> various functions that were used in the entire wordpress. Im using   
> wordpress 2.0 on a windows with apache system though server is of   
> Linux.  Im writing an API that comes with some kind of xml tags
>   Can anybody help me in letting me know the how this code flow   
> went. Though I was able to insert the data into database through   
> postie, I was unclear how the reading of data is happening i.e   
> displaying of data on the blog
>   I went through your documentation but it was not so helpful. I can  
>  promise you of atleast helping in you in the documentaion  of   
> functions list which I found quiet helpful


Your  question  is  very broad, but perhaps I can  help.  It
sounds  as though your main problem involves the  insertion,
use,  and display of some data which you have stored in  XML
form.  You  accommodate  the database, but you  can't  quite
manage  to 'pull' the information out of it (please  correct
me  if  there's a misconception here). I suggest  you  start
from the core function which displays content...

   roy at BAINE:~/public_html/wordpress> cat index.php
   /* Short and sweet */
   define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);

Following through to ./wp-blog-header.php


   if (! isset($wp_did_header)):
   if ( !file_exists( dirname(__FILE__) . '/wp-config.php') ) {
         if ( strstr( $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], 'wp-admin') ) $path = '';
         else $path = 'wp-admin/';

Just follow the trail of PHP files and use the documentation
in          the          WordPress          Codex          <
http://codex.wordpress.org/Main_Page  >. With the API's, you
will  not need to intimately know the code. It will help you
understand  how each function works, what purpose it  serves
and how to override it.

Best wishes,


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