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Having issues with my blackberry so resending. Pardon duplicates if they come through. :(

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Happy Holidays to all.

I'm wondering if there is a hook for image uploading. Specifically, the location.

It's hard to fully explain what the problem is but our cluster is based on NFS clustering and one of the key reasons for this is so that every web server has the most current file information (I.e. Uploaded images). If a post is created with an image, the content goes to the db server but the image needs to be immediately available on the web server cluster regardless of what server the load balancer decides to pull from. NFS allows us to do that conveniently but has just recently begun to fail as we are hitting a bottle neck on concurrent NFS connections.

It might help us to have a hook for image uploading that would allow us to put media files on a server out of circulation (still trying to figure how exactly we'd _place_ files on this "remote" server. Then we could set the upload path to this server and images would pull from there eliminating the bulk of the need for NFS.

Thoughts? Comments? Expertise?

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