[wp-hackers] Multiple WordPress Site Update Script

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Thu Dec 21 22:00:19 GMT 2006

Crap... I'm sorry, I was testing a relative cp in that version...  No harm
will be done, it just won't update the directories.  To restore the correct

The line that reads:
  cp -R -v --remove-destination $tmp .

Should be replaced with this:
  cp -R -v --remove-destination $tmp/wordpress $CommonRootPrefix$CurDir

I should have caught that before I sent it.  Sorry...

Anyway, I don't understand why relative directories don't work in the
script.  I'm still trying to figure hat out.  Why can't I use . in a cp
command or ~ in a cd command?  I've done that in other scripts but it
stopped working in this one... Anyway, sorry for the confusion...  Restore
that line and it will update the blog dirs correctly
Brian Layman

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