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Wed Dec 20 17:48:40 GMT 2006

Is your feedreader subscribed to Planet or Mike's own feed?

If the former, WP uses MagpieRSS as its in-built "client" of sorts for
subscribing to Planet feed. MagpieRSS: http://magpierss.sourceforge.net/ 

It hasn't been updated in ages, so that makes me think that if MagpieRSS is
the weak-point it's a Conditional Get failure. I've been speaking to the
guys at FeedBurner, there's something in WP's latest (testing on 2.1) feeds
that results in broken Conditional Get & HTTP 304 headers - so far it seems
to be a FeedBurner problem.

Not sure if this is actually of any use, I also don't know if the version of
Magpie that ships with WP is modified from the 14-month-old 0.72 version
available for download from the official site, but that's where I'd look....

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> > As I've just posted, it seems to stem from upgrading to version 2.0.5
> > earlier today. I think someone else suffered the same problem earlier
> > in the year.
> >
> > Alas I don't know how to correct the problem. I'm just hoping that no
> > more are marked as new!
> It  must  be a deficiency in the aggregator  which  produces
> that bunch. My feedreader doesn't detect any diff. I can see
> the item you have just posted though (5:12 GMT) and it's the
> only  one that's marked as unread. It's usually changes from
> RSS  1>2 or Atom that lead to inconsistencies. I can  recall
> Matt  posting  about  this  when  TypePad  had  made  global
> changes.
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