[wp-hackers] New Default Theme in 2.1?

Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Wed Dec 20 17:36:17 GMT 2006

___/ On Wed 20 Dec 2006 10:35:00 GMT, [ Matt Mullenweg ] wrote : \___

> Arthur Jennings wrote:
>> Is there going to be a new default theme in WordPress 2.1? I remember some
>> discussion back in August and September but since then, nothing.
> Not in 2.1, but maybe after that we'll include a new theme in addition
> to Kubrick. I think 2.2 will emphasize a lot of theme improvements.

(Thinking  aloud perhaps:) I wonder how you choose to handle
theme  changes in upgrades. With so many people already  (or
/still/)  using  Kubrick  you can't just drop it.  Also,  if
changing default themes, there ought to be some check during
upgrade,  ensuring that the current theme is not superceded,
overridden,  or  replaced.  This could  get  slightly  messy
because  people don't like noticeable and unwanted  changes,
even  if  a  few clicks revert back to  old  settings  (e.g.
Dapper->Edgy, XP->Vista).

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