[wp-hackers] Blogs Occasionally Show Up Without CSS

Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Wed Dec 20 17:18:23 GMT 2006

Hey, folks. I have been having a mysterious problem with two WordPress  
blogs. It has gone on for a few weeks now. While the two blog reside  
on separate domains, they do share the same Web server (Apache 1.3.x).

Here's the issue: every once in a while, the stylesheets are not being  
delivered or used, leading to barebone pages appearing everywhere.  
Trying to access the admin panel at that stage surprisingly reveals  
that the admin is logged off (cookies don't expire). Logging in again  
seems to resolve the problem, globally. This behaviour recurs rather  
sporadically and since I have not changed the code recently, I suspect  
it /could/ be a server issue. Any idea what I ought to check? After  
weeks of attempting to resolve this problem I have run out of ideas.  
Many people are viewing ugly pages as a result and the problem does  
not seem to go away, either.

Many thanks for any advice you may have.

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