[wp-hackers] WordPress + CK-ERP Demo

C K Wu ckwu at ck-erp.net
Tue Dec 19 10:04:59 GMT 2006

Hi, folks,

Since 'YOU' are the person of the year and 'YOU' like to blog (and 
perhaps get a bit of Adsense revenue from it), I am adding CK-ERP to 
your favorite blogging platform.

Please visit,   
http://ck-erp.net/ckerp/sitemgr/sitemgr-site?page_name=DemoSites   to 
fetch a link to the WordPress + CK-ERP Demo along with a list of various 
other demos.

Please post your comment, suggestion, criticism ..... at, 
http://groups.google.com.hk/group/ck-erp-en  .


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