[wp-hackers] Garland controversy?

Joey B tunicwriter at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 17:44:31 GMT 2006

Seems the authors of Garland (the new default theme for Drupal) are a
little upset[1] about WP porting it for WP.com[2]. Steef (one of the
authors) came in and made a big stick in #wordpress just a few minutes
ago (I have a log if anyone wants to see it). They're really upset
about this. I was just wondering what Matt and Co. had to say about?

[1] http://acko.net/blog/wordpress-com-copies-drupal-theme
[2] http://wordpress.com/blog/2006/12/12/new-theme-garland-and-rockin-color-picker

Joey Brooks
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