[wp-hackers] Where Can I Ask These Questions?

Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Fri Dec 15 14:46:38 GMT 2006

> Creating a permalink structure in Options > Permalinks (WP 2.0 or  
> later)

[andy] OK - I suspected that triggered it. I updated permalinks  
because of a change I made with the UTW path. Just weird that it  
wasn't there before as my last DB backup shows. Or.. is it just that  
phpMyAdmin doesn't see it? Certainly the row doesn't show up when I  
'browse' from phpMyAdmin so perhaps it doesn't include it in a sql  
dump either...

>> Does it matter that it appears to be truncated mid-word?

> That sounds strange, could you pastebin it?
[andy] if you mean pastebin.com then it wont save it - they say they  
are having problems of some sort. I re-performed the 'update  
permalinks' to see if that sorted it and now it is truncated at a  
different spot but still seems to end where it shouldn't. Here are  
the last two lines broken out:


I assume that at least a double quote should be on the end. (Current  
row shows 552 semi-colon separated entries)


> Here's something I'm throwing out there.  What about if the mods in  
> the WP.org support forums were given a way of marking a thread as  
> "expert" ?  As needing the advice of an expert.  If it's something  
> they've never seen, and something that Google and the Codex know  
> nothing about, they could tag it as needing an expert opinion.   
> People like me could subscribe to that tag in their RSS reader.  As  
> long as it was only a few questions a week and as long as it  
> adequately filtered lazy or repeat questions, I'd be happy to chime  
> in with answers when I have them.  The problem with the forums the  
> signal to noise ratio is too low for people with expert knowledge.
[andy] yes please! Even I would be more than willing to answer  
questions if able....


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