[wp-hackers] Where Can I Ask These Questions?

Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Fri Dec 15 12:50:27 GMT 2006

Good day all

There has been some interesting discussion on this list regarding  
where users, hackers and plugin authors can ask questions to help  
them better understand what is going on in the WP bowels. I for one  
would welcome a list or forum where expertise is available as I find  
many questions I ask on the support forum go completely unanswered  
due, I understand, to a lack of knowledge. Yet when the Codex, the  
support forum and Google fail to shed any light on a query you reach  
a dead end. (As an aside, searching the support forum has improved  
greatly in recent months although it would be more useful for the  
extract returned to contain more of the actual query as opposed to  
the date, time and age data).

For example, a question I raised a week or so ago:

"In the last couple of days, after 18 or so months of the site being  
in place, the entry 'rewrite-rules' has been created in my options  
table. It is enormous. Scanning to the end, it is also truncated. It  
also, oddly, was not created with the next 'auto' number in options  
but given a much higher id key. My questions are really:
Why did this suddenly get created?
What were the circumstances that caused it to get created?
Is it actually required?
Does it matter that it appears to be truncated mid-word?
I see that others have raised questions before with this option row  
that suggest it can lead to problems? None seem  to be answered.  
Shoud I be worried?"

I could find nothing on this in the Codex (and I accept I may have  
missed it)  and the only entries in the support forum all seem to  
remain unanswered. Yet I would very much like to know the answers -  
to put my mind at rest AND to give me a greater understanding of what  
is going on. Plus the fact that this entry ending mid-word suggests  
to me an error and potential problem.

Whilst I would still welcome answers to the above, my question here  
is where should I actually be asking this? Hackers? Testers? Anywhere  
else I donlt know about?

And if I still have anyones attention perhaps I could tack on the  
second question! Does anyone know if the author of the wp-cache  
plugin is still supporting it as his comments seem to have closed  
back in June and I'd like to discuss - and find out why - it doesn't  
seem to work for me!


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