[wp-hackers] Pluggable authenticaton

Tassoman (mailing) ml at tassoman.com
Mon Dec 11 10:36:28 GMT 2006

Hello to all.
	I'm working at a pluggable authentication plugin, but I'm stuck with
session handling.

My external app is creating a single cookie with crypted session hash.
But WP is needing two cookies: one for username and another for

I've tried to plug these functions:

does the outside authentication, setting outer cookie. returns bool

wp_get_cookie_login, returns the outer cookie created before if exists,
false otherwise.

wp_setcookie, returns the outer session cookie

wp_clearcookie, deletes the outer cookie

wp_auth_redirect, checks for the outer cookie, if empty redirect to

I'm trying to let WP make the check on the outer session but with no
result. I'm stuck into wp-login.php looping redirect, because can't find
the correct cookie session.

Blogging humanum est, Tassoman ovest.

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