[wp-hackers] 2.1 Plugin Compatibility List

Dan Kuykendall dan at kuykendall.org
Wed Dec 6 19:45:53 GMT 2006

I have done more poking around and finally just stopped using an if
around is_category() since it didnt seemed to work. I just go right into
 using get_the_category() and when it was in a category it would return
the array. So Im still not sure what was going on there, but podpress is
now working in the latest wordpress svn code

btw, no one has yet answered the question about there being a branch for
the upcoming 2.1 release. Im currently testing against the HEAD code.

Ryan Boren wrote:
> Dan Kuykendall wrote:
>> I have gotten podpress nearly up to date and ready to be compatible with
>> 2.1.
>> The one thing I still cant fix is my CategoryCasting support.
>> It relies on the is_category(), single_cat_title() and
>> get_the_category() functions which used to work in the RSS2 feed, but no
>> longer do.
>> In WP 2.0.x I could put  http://www.mysite.com/?feed=rss2&cat=2 which
>> would work fine. Now when I do this, the is_category() returns false and
>> basically Im unable to make things work.
>> Anyone familiar with what changes have been made in the categories code?
> Sounds like a bug.  I'll give it a look.  Would you mind creating a
> ticket on trac.wordpress.org?
> Ryan
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