[wp-hackers] 2.1 Plugin Compatibility List

Dan Kuykendall dan at kuykendall.org
Wed Dec 6 00:57:03 GMT 2006

I have gotten podpress nearly up to date and ready to be compatible with

The one thing I still cant fix is my CategoryCasting support.
It relies on the is_category(), single_cat_title() and
get_the_category() functions which used to work in the RSS2 feed, but no
longer do.

In WP 2.0.x I could put  http://www.mysite.com/?feed=rss2&cat=2 which
would work fine. Now when I do this, the is_category() returns false and
basically Im unable to make things work.

Anyone familiar with what changes have been made in the categories code?

btw, Im very happy the edit_category_form hook I requested was added,
which only makes me more bummed that is_category() and the others have
stopped working

Aaron Brazell wrote:
> Thanks Ryan. If anyone else has anything that may have not been touched
> on, feel free to post them. I'll work on a post in the next few days. I
> think I have a decent grasp on most of the stuff but more eyes are
> always appreciated.

Dan Kuykendall (aka Seek3r)

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