[wp-hackers] 2.1 Plugin Compatibility List

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 18:45:32 GMT 2006

>This is in Codex:
> http://codex.wordpress.org/User:Spencerp/2.1alpha3_Plugin_Compatibility
> MichaelH

Thanks for posting that Michael :) Yeah, I had it updated the day of this thread, but really haven't added too much to it lately, just been busy sigh. :(

I was pretty much hoping that a lot of other people would add, contribute to that 2.1 alpha3 Plugins list as they could... I've also updated the Get Recent Comments plugin myself.. However, it might need further testing.. ?

You can see it in action on my 2.1 alpha3 test blog if you'd like:

You could grab the plugin code here:

It *should be* fine..  The plugin author asked for a DIFF of the changes from the original, but, I never made a DIFF before so.. not sure on that either.. :( 

All I know is, I just basically made the following database call changes:

The following replacements need to be made:

$tableposts  (changed to: => $wpdb->posts
$tableusers  (changed to: => $wpdb->users
$tablecategories  (changed to: => $wpdb->categories
$tablepost2cat  (changed to: => $wpdb->post2cat
$tablecomments  (changed to: => $wpdb->comments
$tablelink2cat  (changed to: => $wpdb->link2cat
$tablelinks  (changed to: => $wpdb->links
$tablelinkcategories  (changed to: => $wpdb->linkcategories
$tableoptions  (changed to: => $wpdb->options
$tablepostmeta  (changed to: => $wpdb->postmeta

You must make sure that $wpdb is declared global. This will need done throughout ANY and ALL of the wp-forum plugin's files.

I hope this helps, and hopefully others will add their working plugins to the list .. ;) :)



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