[wp-hackers] 2.1 Milestone

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 02:09:11 GMT 2006

This off topic of what Matt was talking about, but, I'm just curious. I had a few private requests to upgrade some folks blog's, which I basically told them to wait until the 2.0.6 version is released..

Is 2.0.6 going to be released soon, and are we to expect a 2.1 beta release soon too? Question is being asked, because,  I was wondering if "everyone" is going to be at a 2.0.6 version, before having an official 2.1.. or, is the 2.1 going to be released as it's own?

So we'll have a 2.0.6, and work up through version examples, 2.0.7, 2.0.8, so forth.. Then 2.1, 2.1.?, 2.1.?, and so forth.. 

/I just wanted to clarify on this, that's all...

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