[wp-hackers] A crazy idea - Modulizing WordPress

R.J. Kaplan just.be.happy at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 14:01:06 GMT 2006

Hi everyone,
I've been around here for a while, mostly reading and getting  
smarter. I've had this idea for a while, and thought I might bring it  
up here, even if it might be a bit crazy.

My idea would be for a future version of WordPress, maybe WP 3.0 to  
totally modularizing the data types, and the WP core would be only  
the user system and theme system. currently they're 3 types of data  
in WP, posts, pages and links (even though posts and pages are stored  
in the same table, they are different).
Making the data processing types independent would really help making  
implementation of new data types easy, as would be disabling unwanted  
ones. I sometimes have clients who only want a static page, and get  
very confused with the post and page.

So you'll ask why WordPress, WordPress is a blogging system and not a  
full CMS, any they're many a CMS out there that do this. Well,  
WordPRess has great features, it is easy to admin, has a great theme  
system and is really a good choice for allot of small sites.

Well, then what about the simplicity for simple bloggers, who are %95  
of WP users? Well, If it's done right, something can be both  
sophisticated and simple at once. Mac OS X will prove that. On the  
contrary, It can make site management allot easier in some situations.

Just a thought, please don't laugh too hard.

Sorry for my chutzpah,

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