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Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Mon Aug 28 15:45:41 GMT 2006

___/ On Mon 28 Aug 2006 05:59:02 BST, [ Scot Hacker ] wrote : \___

> In the Comment manager,  Mass Edit and View modes are so similar, I
> wonder why there's a View mode at all. Why not just dump that and have
> Mass Edit be the default/only? And why not a batch "Mark as Spam"
> option on the Mass Edit page? And why no pagination to view earlier
> comments in either view?
> Are these features waiting to happen, or are there reasons why they are
> the way they are?
> Thanks,
> Scot

Hi Scot,

This  was discussed on several occasions in the past  (among
them:  http://tinyurl.com/l26a4 ). Contexts I can  remember:
(1)  not  enough comments per page (e.g. to handle a lot  of
SPAM);  (2) No fine control over number of comments per page
(I  changed the source a long time ago, but  hidden/advanced
options  would have helped); (3) No pagination; (4) No  AJAX
control  for  quick deletion; (5) No batch-mode deletion  or
keyboard navigation; (6) Various issues to do with filtering
and flagging...

I  don't  know  if there are any plugins  that  improve  the
moderation  side  (back  end  plugins seem  more  likely  to
break), but I agree that the usability could be improved and
the  two types of moderation pages merged, e.g. use some  JS
to  un/fold  comment  contents,  so that  links  needn't  be
followed.   Then  come  accessibility  issues  and  keyboard
navigation, etc.

Best wishes,


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