[wp-hackers] Plugins Causing My 2.04 To Die

Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Sun Aug 27 16:21:37 GMT 2006

(I did put this on the forum but got no takers and am still tearing  
my hair out trying to solve it!)

I maintain a duplicate of my public site on my MacBook (running same  
AMP versions as my public host). I built this originally just by  
copying my site to my local machine, dumping my database, mass  
editing the IP address instances in the DB dump and re-applying.  
Works every time. Then I upgraded the local site to 2.1 to start  
testing it and to write a couple of plugins I am playing with.

Yesterday I decided to completely re-build again from scratch.  
Everything went well (and works as it should) except it refused to  
load at first. I eventually traced it to three of the 15 odd plugins  
I use. At every attempt to activate one of these (like, for example,  
Owen Winklers 'Comment Quicktags') instead of the header I would  
expect ('/plugins.php?activate=true') the system immediately dies and  
the header is:


(for example).

These plugins work fine on my site and on another duplicate I keep on  
a different machine and worked on this setup before I rebuilt. They  
are not corrupted. comment quicktags, in particular, doesn't even do  
anything that weird. If anyone out there has any ideas what I am  
missing the info would be gratefully appreciated.


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