[wp-hackers] Alternative to get_currentuserinfo

Mike Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Sun Aug 27 03:08:58 GMT 2006

Hi there folks,

I've been getting some bug reports about WP-Cats which trace back to
the get_currentuserinfo call. Given that this is kind of a volatile
override-able function, maybe it's not the best mechanism for locking
out non-admins/editors from plugin functionality.

Is there some other way to do the lockout, that won't be affected by
other plugins hijacking that function?

Is there some other condition that could cause the "stock" version of
the function to not set the global $userdata? (This is in Ajax calls
from within the admin interface, so the logged-in cookie is definitely
being sent back, and it works in some configurations and not



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