[wp-hackers] So, this whole .htaccess thing...

Christopher J. Hradil chradil at comcast.net
Sun Aug 27 00:22:49 GMT 2006

Charles wrote:
> I believe that replacing the use of .htaccess with a 
> flexible, extensible router would (1) make WordPress more 
> portable (to IIS, for example)

So the solution you're really after is wordpress .NET, maybe you could start up a .NET branch of WP
to solve IIS related issues, rather than messing with the core of what's really a pretty nimble
system already, in order to get it to work *correctly* on that platform. As previously mentioned,
the existing wordpress .htaccess requirements are really quite unobtrusive, and unlimited
flexibility is already obtained by using an internal API for processing the re-writes. I've been
away from the MS/IIS backend systems for a while now, however I don't believe that anyone wishing to
obtain the highest level of performance and scalability possible (using a wordpress like cms type
system anyway) would choose to do it via the MS platform. 

Making major modifications to the core behaviors of the existing WP system at this point in order to
address a small segment of users would likely be counter productive. I think that overall most users
are more than happy and comfortable with the system as it is. 


Christopher J. Hradil

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