[wp-hackers] So, this whole .htaccess thing...

Charles lists06 at wiltgen.net
Sat Aug 26 17:45:31 GMT 2006

> I'm not sure why you had to make manual edits...

For all of the reasons I mentioned in my post.  There's no FeedBurner
plug-in that supports the recommended "temporary redirect" method (in which
you /don't/ move or redirect your feed URL), required if you want people to
continue to subscribe to and use site.com/feed/.  I just learned about a
plug-in that can handle future post slug renaming, but there's none I can
find that gives me a nice UI to map any URL to any other URLs (necessary to
map all of those old Movable Type URLs to WordPress).  There's apparently no
way around editing .htaccess if you want to put WordPress in a folder other
than /wordpress.

I think the problem should be obvious, at least to anyone who doesn't make
money solving these kinds of issues.  You have users and WordPress (and
WordPress plug-ins, from what I've just heard) all fighting over the same
Apache-specific plaintext file to do even the most basic stuff.

-- Charles

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