[wp-hackers] So, this whole .htaccess thing...

Charles lists06 at wiltgen.net
Sat Aug 26 05:29:09 GMT 2006

>> Does WordPress really need a dependency on .htaccess?  Couldn't 
>> functionality that currently requires it be done with a router
>> that handles all requests and returns the proper view(s)?
> How would this "router" work and how would it be more compatible
> than mod_rewrite?

I'm thinking of something like Zend Controller Rewrite Router, part of the
nascent Zend Framework.

To me, the dependence on .htaccess seems like one of the more fragile parts
of the system.  I had to modify several lines just to put WordPress in
site.com/wp instead of site.com/wordpress, I had to add a few more lines to
support FeedBurner, and I've had to add a few hundred lines to to support
permalink changes.  It seems like losing the dependence on .htaccess would
make it easier to run WordPress on non-Apache servers, would allow a new
class of "router" plug-ins to be created, etc.

-- Charles

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