[wp-hackers] Looking for a template tag ...

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Fri Aug 25 08:46:55 GMT 2006

paul booker wrote:
> I am looking for a template tag that  lists all blog authors 
> registered on a
> wordpress installation but i can't see anything defined under
> http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/list_authors ?
> What i would like to acheive (the bigger picture) is to have a block 
> in the
> right panel which lists all blog authors  with links to page which lists
> all posts made by the author with any attributed comments
That is what list_authors allows you to achieve.

Something like the following in the sidebar.php of your theme should get 
you what you want:

                <?php list_authors(FALSE,FALSE,); ?>

> As this only day 2 for me in using wordpress any guidance from you guys
> would be very much appreciated.

Your questions will be better and quicker answered if you post on the 
support forum - http://wordpress.org/support/

This list is more about core WordPress development than developing a 
site with WordPress.


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