[wp-hackers] wp_options updates taking too long for page_uris and rewrite_rules

Paul Menard codehooligans at codehooligans.com
Wed Aug 23 22:18:47 GMT 2006

So I build a custom Event Management tool for a client this past May.  
The intention was to all user to create an account and create events.  
These events are all for the same day, August 24. The Events are all  
created in WP as Pages since the client wanted to have the Events  
setup to support a logic /events/State/City/Event-Title structure.  
There are now over 2700 Events in the system. Each of the events have  
a parent Event City. That page has a parent which is the State Page.  
All State pages are under the '/events'/ node. All total there are  
3800 records in the wp_posts table. There are a few Pages outside the  
Events node.

Since Sunday Anytime someone goes in to edit/add and Event the  
database locks up. This is a private hosted server with no other  
traffic. The solution I've found that brings the site back is to  
remove the 'page_uris' and rewrite_rules' records from the wp_options  
table. Then let WP rebuild these. I've had to finally keep people off  
the system otherwise it crashes hourly.

So my question is has anyone worked with a WP installation with 3000+  
pages and if so what was done to streamline to management of these  
page? We have tried tuning the MySQL and HTTP traffic with no luck.  
Again, it's not that the server it getting that much traffic. Plus  
with WP-Cache installed the DB usage is low. It's just when someone  
goes to update and event the other HTTP request stack up behind it  
and before you know it the server is peaked.

WP 2.0.3 with the last version of WP-Cache installed.
Red Hat Linux Enterprise.
MySQL 4.1.20
Apache 2.0.52
4G Ram
Dual AMD Opteron 246 2.0 GHz Procs

Any help of suggestions would be appreciated.

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