[wp-hackers] SimplePie in WP

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Wed Aug 23 20:16:52 GMT 2006

kellan wrote:
> Just an FYI, I've been working on a new release of Magpie with an
> entirely re-written parser.   Something to do on the commute since
> moving to SF last month.  Hoping to get a preview release out in the
> next few days.  It will have bugs, and missing features as is the
> nature of preview releases, but will mostly work, and mostly be
> backwards compatible.

I know this is usually a pipe dream, but I just have to suggest it:

Perhaps you and the simplepie guys can work together?

There are naturally egos attached to any created project, but since your 
end goals are identical there might be room for a combined effort there.

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