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Jeff Minard jeff at jrm.cc
Mon Aug 21 05:14:56 GMT 2006

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Charles wrote:
> The good news is that there's three ways to provide a satisfactory user
> experience:  (1) Make the operation fast enough that it's effectively
> instantaneous, (2) take as long as you like to complete the operation but
> present user feedback (hourglass, non-determinate progress bar)
> instantaneously, and (3) update the view instantaneously but complete the
> operation asynchonously.

(1) The whole reason it is being discussed is due to the few times it
gets "slow" for any number of reasons. (Load, difficult, bad plugin, etc)

(2) I *love* spinners[1]. I think they are a great way to let me know
what's going on. I would be quite content to click delete, see a
spinner, and then have the comment fold up to a small green bar that
says "Deleted Comment" (or a red error, should there be one.) This could
be done with several comments simultaneously allowing me to move faster
AND still know that I can come back (scroll up) to see the result. It
would also stop me from leaving prematurely.

(3) If I read correctly, the problem with queuing things is that people
who are fast to click will think that the action has completed
successfully (as indicated by the UI) and leave. If that should happen
an there is an error, how is the user to be notified?

[1] http://www.asserttrue.com/images/spinner.gif

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